Supplies you need: 

 The Recipe: 

36 grams (4 TBSP) of medium grind coffee

650 ml of water just off the boil

Prepare your chemex by pre-wetting the filter.  This serves two purposes:   first it is washing the paper taste out of the filter and also warms the vessel your about to brew into.  Pour out this water into the cup you will enjoy your coffee in in just a few short minutes.  Next put your Chemex on your scale and tare out the weight.   Add your coffee to the filter.  Pour water over the grounds to make sure they are covered in water.   Allow the coffee to bloom for about 30 seconds.  This is the process when carbon dioxide is escaping and the process of extraction is able to begin.  Your next pour will bring water up to the top of the filter and be about half of the total volume you will pour.  Try not to let the grounds on the side of the filter get dry as this will lead to uneven extraction of the coffee.  Your second pour will again go close to the top of the filter and be the remainder of your volume.   Allow the coffee to continue to drip into your vessel.   The whole process should take 4-5 minutes and make an amazing cup of coffee.   Pull the filter and add it to your compost.   Enjoy an amazing cup of coffee !